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" Grandma looked at her and asked not help exports. Xu dollars and back, looking directly at me, "No one has, ah, it is love seat chair before my grandmother ah, how you, you are not that scare me yet." Grandma directly opening on the side, watching Zhuo Wei "This eminent doctors ah, I just took Jiao Long to see the doctor, the next thing we do not mention, when you look at her girl or boy this child old boy ah say they want to be. Los Angeles Kings road jerseys " Grandma took my hand, because the hotel is near the hospital, so we slowly walked to the hospital, while walking, while I repeat her grandmother with the situation: "basking, you said twelve years old boys after I can not see why he could see it. Grandma quilt was spread in the house, the mouth should be a cry, "You go, I'll be right with you!" I simply do not want to go, but really wait any longer, Yayi Yao told myself not to think, I do not have any connection with Fengxia relationship to go out." I looked at her intuition distressed, followed by grandmother went out, and so one out of their home yard, I looked at the grandmother said, "basking, I think the big Ah poor.

" "Oh, bother, ah!" Grandma looked back soul sister kept saying, she was gone, he turned to a preoccupied look, I looked at her, "basking, how do you. Los Angeles Kings signed jerseys " Not at the moment just saw my grandmother when cold look, a face full of concern looked at the mother, although she was face to ease a lot, but I still looked scared, inexplicable. "I am for your parents hit you, they do not receive proper education alive when you and I for their education! I tell you, in that nonsense again I saw you play once you unawares something !!" Grandma also angry, staring eyes snapped three lame talking." LANGUAGE AND CULTURE seems to me the more to pull its weight, go directly to the front of my body, pulled my hand to the river walk "on this day children more hot ah, wash comfortable. But the grandmother's body was suddenly soft down, sat down next to me on the heap of stones, I was shocked, watching the grandmother, "basking, how do you !!!" Grandma's eyes somewhat glazed, I cried for a long time before slowly Huanguo Lai, look directly to her just pulled my hand painted stone, pointed to "What is this?" "This is what you just pulling my hand-drawn ah.

" I looked at some lame grandmother pointed to three anxious mouth, grandmother looked at me and nodded, "all right, grandma is to let you see . " My grandmother looked Clueless "why I tell people do not like the Tigers could see ah. " "Your mother can gladly took it. I have some frustration, "But I do not want this, the students would laugh at me if I know, I wanted to be a boy. Los Angeles Kings replica jerseys Then, three lame stumbled ran out of the house from my house, a look of panic "help ah !!" I'm a little fat, ignorant, do not know three lame this is how I saw him staggering rushed to the yard, it seems that the general madness, some villagers stand in the yard of the automatic spread out, to make him a piece open space, he did not run out, a pair of eyes stare boss, kept in place shouted "help ah! help me quickly !!" The villagers also told me about the face, another whisper muttered "He is a loud noise, loud noise with mental illness like got?" "That's a good horse aunt home is casually into, is not rushed to the Han.

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