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Xu dollars and back, looking directly at me, "No one has, ah, it is love seat chair before my grandmother ah, how you, you are not that scare me yet. Los Angeles Lakers kids jerseys "I speak to you not interrupt!" Grandma snapped dad cry, look at me "either, now you go along with your grandma, or, back, knees to your Aunt admit." I shook my head "Nothing ah, but we hell, grandmother, and he could see! He seems to be afraid, but I hear your words uttered, that thing was gone, a kid's. Los Angeles Lakers jerseys youth "Hey! Son!" I went in chase, but the children had disappeared, turned, directly on the elevator doors closed." Grandma's face is also somewhat cramped, I do not know how, and she saw her mother seemed to be somewhat cautious, bent down to pick up the egg-box "Huijuan I do not know that you are pregnant, but thanks to take eggs from home, so you gave birth to your mother let you cook and eat, are their own domesticated, these days." Grandmother stared, watching the soul sister "spiritual ah, this one night it is not cheap, find a hotel to us on the line, this place we can not afford ah." I 'Oh,' a cry, this turned around, looked at me scared culprit, Xu dollars went directly to the yard, with the promise of dollars behind me, looked at me and still ask, "Jiao Long you just listen to Shane." I cried Enleyisheng "He kicked my foot.

" Grandma can not believe his face, shook his head, "the old man, which is seeing things." then look to Fengxia "aunt, I go ah." I said, and set off their clothes "Grandma, you see, I ate a small Suko, I Well stomach. Los Angeles Lakers jerseys wholesale " Grandmother suddenly not crashed, but in fact I am also very worried, I do not know what is evil marriage split, but listening to their words should be feeling bad things can suddenly Bu Zhisheng grandmother, and I can not get up themselves He asked me anxious to fill choke. Because the body of these legendary grandmother, my grandmother almost with one of reverence, of course, to our home to protect the family cents is full of awe. I lounged back with Yun and Qi's mind, her mother standing in the doorway of the room, looked at the mother look helpless holding my brother in that coaxed "oh oh oh, baby do not cry ah, ah cry, this is ye ah, just Wei Wan how to cry on it." Fengxia face was obviously looking at me with a smile, but I think it felt strange, "Jiao Long ah, sorry you are woman ah, look at the big Ah are out, we three together How nice to take a bath, you two are not the best of friends do.

"Jiao Long ." Grandma looked at me, mouth faint Road, "the old home Xianer opinion that should get you into the thing. Los Angeles Lakers official jerseys " I am also very curious, can not help looking at her grandmother, she wanted to know Editor's Note children, and my grandmother would look at why the body uncomfortable, and a little afraid. " Grandma has never seen, squinting to see "is the city people live in the house it ." "Jojo do?" Spiritual sister looked at me puzzled, then nodded his head." "No! I do not finish the meal to which she could not go !!" Xu Gang screaming in the house just growled.

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