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" Grandma took my hand, because the hotel is near the hospital, so we slowly walked to the hospital, while walking, while I repeat her grandmother with the situation: "basking, you said twelve years old boys after I can not see why he could see it. I felt the cool air, all of a sudden I hit a let Ji Ling, and instantly felt his thigh stalk a hot surge crashed liquid flow out. "Almost . Grandma serious face walked up to me, crouched down and looked at me, "Are you Mr. Grandma seems to see my concerns, promised to find a primer with dollars that I had just woken up and rest, let her go home and wait for the promise of dollars left, I looked at the grandmother can not wait to open, "basking, I not a freak ah, so my mom did not like me, I am not the same with the big Ah, but there are small Tintin, so ah me why the president." she spoke to him in amazement, watching her mother Tracy's eyes straight leg." Grandma immediately Hand Waving "can not be, can not have this child household, which had the right, if spread to friends and relatives have to see how I want to where to put this old head!" After her mother had been pushed out crying, because of the family planning policy, to a second child is still relatively trouble, so my family letting both indicators stood headache product for a time became a hot potato.

Three Crips watched angrily lying on the floor of my "no big or small, you're a wild child you do not know, either to see basking on your face I can take your life, mother, dare he wasted a fortune! "Then he walked down the hill stride. I nodded, "Well, my grandma said that we will soon be grown up after school. "At first son, early in the morning you drink wine, ah, but also to large practices Ah, how small her child ah." I thought I was on the toilet when Fengxia squatting wall like I was afraid, have left a psychological shadow. Soul sister some helpless smile, looking grandmother "Where is the popular thing ah, not by his light. Los Angeles Clippers replica jerseys uk " Grandma suddenly smiled and looked at him: "Who is not a good spray can, because my husband yin and yang, so I know how to do, if you are a doctor, you know where people uncomfortable, like, our different business, but all in order to save lives, you know yet.

" Soul sister, shaking his head with a smile, "You see also outside the aunt. Los Angeles Clippers road jerseys " I understand, my grandmother had never left the half-step, ah, I did not see how the grandmother money. Los Angeles Clippers replica jerseys "Well, I'm afraid she ah, she was alive I was not afraid of her, I am more afraid of death, anyway, I do not owe her!" Fengxia getting more and more exciting, and the sound is also getting bigger and bigger." I looked at him, smiled gently, "Yes ah, I have come to think of it you tell the individual, this time may not come to you to play, I'm going to go to the provincial capital to see a doctor, see a doctor to find a large . Zhuo Wei nodded. Los Angeles Clippers retired jerseys " Grandma kissed me one, "Johnson dragon ah, you do not want to be a boy, how they are looking for a boyfriend friends. "Xu said the dollar, serious face.

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