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I was terrified, three lame recline my grandma with grandpa went straight to my house after the house went, I do not know where the courage, go hugged his legs, mouth and called, "Come ah !! three Crips beat it in my home !! Come on people, ah !!! " Three Crips such a call me a hand directly on my neck pinch "is smaller than the whelp, but for how you these broken thing! I wasted a fortune, I fucking kill you !!" I was able to come up gas pinch him, his name began to loosen his leg pinched my arm, but he is an honest middle-aged guys who have been on that effort, coupled with the dog eat dog now for ginseng, arms lift, even on such pinched my neck give me up, my mouth wide open, feet pedaling the air still kept struggling, there is a sense of helplessness on the verge of death." My grandfather told in the behind with. Three Crips again shouting "Do not bite me ah! Help ah! Do not bite me ah !!!" "Yellow, yellow ." Grandma whispered mantra, then raised his face to watch the roof, talking about what his mouth silent, 'shabu' look, that yellow child on the roof was gone. Los Angeles Dodgers girls jerseys I swallowed, panic lowered her eyes and whispered shouted "Ah big, big Ah. Los Angeles Dodgers customized jerseys " Xu dollar looked at me blankly, "No, my girls are so long.

" Grandma can not believe his face, shook his head, "the old man, which is seeing things. " They chatted away, I fell asleep, but the marriage split evil words or hovering in the mind, there is evil is good, but how a bad law, why should a person? Early in the morning, it was still dark, I'll be up deceives grandmother, grandfather carrying a box of eggs in soil send me a bus with her grandmother, my sleepy three of five fans, listening to grandma grandpa whispered against asked a "day to close up wooden club, qualifying hiding behind red cloth cover, but do not break incense in the evening, when placed on the pillow Jiao Long, flak wind, do not forget ah." Grandma pulled my hand and stood up "after the grandmother out to see the thing you follow it, you have to let grandma bigger bolder, so you will not be afraid of those things, Jiao Long ah, a lot of things, after the grandmother slowly tell you what." I looked at grandma snuffling, then carefully put ginseng handed her "Grandma, he was a son. Grandma then exhaled a long breath, then opened his eyes to see Xu Gang, "She's gone.

" Zhang Junxiu face that really made me surprised for a few seconds, I swear I have never seen him again look better than boys or men, but his attitude makes me very unhappy, I stalk the stem neck, loudly said, "I not a wild kid, I was Ma Jiao Long! " "Dragon?" He looked at me, snorted disdain "Do you know what I call it. Los Angeles Dodgers customizable jerseys "You know what, this is the family's pet, as you can buy with you to the packing house, get the tape to wrap the middle put some cotton, not broken." Wow! ! ! Wow! ! ! Grandma words have not finished yet and so, the children cry on." LANGUAGE AND CULTURE seem to know I can see her, hoarsely opening said, one hand still stretched over to me.

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