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" Zhuo Wei looked at the "trouble you, ah, give me a good look granddaughter children, the disease may put it. Los Angeles Dodgers t shirt jerseys "Hey! Son!" I went in chase, but the children had disappeared, turned, directly on the elevator doors closed. Los Angeles Dodgers signed jerseys " In this to announce the end of her explanation to this, and I, still little understood. " Then smiled and looked at the grandmother sorry "aunt ah, sorry ah, I saw this girl to wear a little dot on the total soil beggar it is mainly the recent period of time to come to a little more than a beggar, I am sorry ah ." Grandma took my hand, because the hotel is near the hospital, so we slowly walked to the hospital, while walking, while I repeat her grandmother with the situation: "basking, you said twelve years old boys after I can not see why he could see it." Grandma pulled my hand directly forced pinch my mouth a blanket, swallow behind the words, which bear the blame so back, and fill my heart wronged choke. Fengxia drowned, in our talk is violent death, but is not dead outside the door, you can not have a funeral, so on the river simply burned burning paper, be sent to send, I woke up when this thing is over." Yun also next to the heart should channel.

When I stumbled grandmother was pulled off, the sun has to shake me open my eyes." Zhuo Wei said, stood up straight, hand on my arm and squeezed, and then looked at my hand, "obvious male characteristics, osteoarthritis is not." Grandma looked at me, "Jiao Long, when a girl how wonderful, grandma like girls, and you are so big, has always been a girl, ah, which if turned into a boy, we would certainly say three of four, grandmother touches all right, but how do you do in school ah, ah you see how small the students. "Jiao Long, you come, do not run!" Grandma shouting at me loudly. Mountains, pointing across the river, "I live in the mountains, my sister, are you all on the mountains to find play with me. " "Basking, I do not want the girl!" I'm a little anxious." I looked at him a little laugh when a daze, was secretly think what people eat in town grew up, how so ah president, if someone gave me the nickname I would have anger, but that he actually angry some far-fetched. Los Angeles Dodgers retired jerseys

" He nodded, then look to the grandmother "Jojo eleven years old now. " I am stunned, "said Feng-xia aunt did so yet. When we turned around, only to find Xu dollar has been in the back, watching my grandma, tearful opening "Ma grandmother, my mother will not die of it." Grandma said, , it took me going to buy a ticket." I shook my head "no. "Jiao Long ah! Jiao Long !!!!" Grandma with grandpa seeing each other arm stood up, stumbled came to my side. Mom frowned, looked at her impatiently, "There is nothing to say ah, tell you is useless, there is no counting on you wait month ah." Grandmother speechless, did not stand the man took me to a small medical elevator, go directly there to patients with multiple elevators, and a look preoccupied, elevator Exalted more, we finally squeezed up, I Tailian face painful watching her grandmother was venting some eyes, his mouth murmured talking about the "I have this out in advance, go ye not escape, fate ah.

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